New Blog Coming Soon…

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Alright guys and gals, it’s the end of this blog (as this one’s called “The Making of the Sixth EToS Album”). We’re at the end of “this road”, meaning we’ll have five more gigs this year and then, we start seriously planning our next album. At the moment, it seems that we’re going to record our seventh album in 2011 and the album will come out in early 2012.

Our new blog will be located at, but we must warn you: the blog isn’t ready yet as there is quite much to be done with it.

We’re also thinking of something completely new when the recording sessions start. We’re not sure what this “new” will be exactly, but there’s still some time to think hard about it.


Jarmo P / EToS

Gigs and New Shirt!

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Here’s a list of the forthcoming gigs:

* Fri 16.10: @ S-Osis, Turku (w/ Sólstafir and Frostbitten Kingdom). 12 €. Doors open @ 9 pm.
* Fri 23.10: @ Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu. 10€.
* Fri 11.12: @ Gloria Kulttuuriareena, Helsinki. 14/15€.

The first gig in Helsinki was amazing! It was nine years since the previous gig in Helsinki and people might have forgotten us, but no. Thanks to all.

We’ve also got a new t-shirt, check out our shop page for more details.

Helsingin keikka siirretty / Helsinki gig rescheduled.

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Perjantai 9.10, Liput: 12€ ennakko Tiketti €/13€ ovelta, K-18.

Friday, 9th of October, tickets 12€/13€, no minors.


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Pudasjärvellä vuonna 1994 perustettu Eternal Tears of Sorrow saapuu vuosien tauon jälkeen kahdelle keikalle Etelä-Suomeen.
Yhtye on juuri julkaissut loistavia arvosteluja saaneen kuudennen albuminsa “Children of the Dark Waters”, joka on aikaisempia synkempi ja raskaampi kokonaisuus.
Viimeksi yhdeksän vuotta sitten Helsingissä soittanut E.T.O.S. valtaa Dante’s Highlightin lavan lauantaina 10.10. Lämmittelijänä symphonisen death metalin mestareille toimii Loimaalainen hyvässä nosteessa oleva thrash/death metal pumppu CURIMUS jolta löytyy jo kunnioitettava määrä esiintymisiä ja sen tuomaa kokemusta esittää energinen keikka joka ei jätä ketään kylmäksi.

Turkuun E.T.O.S. saapuu perjantaina 16.10. Paikkana toimii S-Osis. Toisena pääesiintyjänä keikalla nähdään Islannin eteerisen metallin messiaat SÓLSTAFIR.
SÒLSTAFIR julkaisi uuden Helvetistä taivaisiin kehutun “Köld” levynsä alkuvuodesta Spikefarm Recordsin kautta. Yhtye esiintyi myös Jalometalli festareilla joissa heidän ilmiömäinen kyky luoda keskellä päivää ulkoilmalavalla eteerinen ja murskaavan kaunis tunnelma sai naiset ja miehet kyyneliin ja janoamaan lisää tätä Islannista olevaa maagista musiikkia. Nyt sitä on tarjolla joten ei kannata jäädä kotiin.
Kolmantena bändinä lavaa rekunstruoi Turkulainen melodista black/death metallia soittava FROSTBITTEN KINGDOM.

Keikat järjestää Kold Reso Kvlt Oy.

10.10.2009 @ Dante’s Highlight, Helsinki (w/ CURIMUS)
* Liput: 15 euroa. K18. Ovet klo 21:00.

16.10.2009 @ S-Osis, Turku (w/ SÓLSTAFIR & FROSTBITTEN KINGDOM)
* Liput: 12 euroa. K18. Ovet klo 21:00.
Ennakot: Turun Levykauppa Äx
Ennakot netistä

Ennakot 1.9 alkaen. Helsingin ennakkomyynneistä myöhemmin tietoa.


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Hello guys & gals!

The summer’s here. We have been rehearsing with our new guitarist, Mika Lammassaari, for 2½ months now and things are going very smoothly. We still have no official live show dates (as most of Finland is having its summer holiday right now) but we should come up with them soon. In addition, we’re trying to get many foreign live shows, too.

And we have started writing new material, too, but it’s far too early to write anything about it…

New Songs Added to MySpace!

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Hi there,

We’ve added two more songs to MySpace, check them out if you haven’t heard the album yet :)..

Finnish Album Charts, #19!

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Cheers to all Finns who have bought “Children of the Dark Waters”! The album climbed to the official Finnish album charts, #19, better than ever! ..

  • #1: Amorphis
  • #7 Stratovarius
  • #9 Marilyn Manson
  • #19 EToS
  • #26 Devin Townsend
  • #30 Heaven & Hell
  • #33 Metallica

MySpace Updated, Website's Next!

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Just in case you haven’t seen our new MySpace page, go see it now!

At the moment, we’re busy rehearsing, answering to a lot of interviews and, well, creating a brand new website from the scratch. It’s a time-consuming task,  but we just want it to look better than ever…

By the way, here’s the first interview related to “CotDW”. More to come! Sorry, in German only.

Next "CotDW" Release Dates, Out Now in Finland!

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The album has been released in Finland toda!

In addition, we’ve got some new information to share. The album will be out in:

  • United Kingdom: 1st of June
  • Japan: 24th of June

New Forum!

•May 26, 2009 • Leave a Comment is where our discussion forum is available from now on…!

Eternal Tears of Sorrow "Acoustic Moment"

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Levy ilmestyy Suomessa keskiviikkona – the album will be out in Finland on Wednesday. Tätä juhlistaaksemme EToS soittaa akustisesti Oulun Levykauppa Äx:ssä – to celebrate this event, EToS will have a little acoustic moment at Record Store X in Oulu, Finland. Tilaisuus alkaa 17.00 – the event starts at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Kyseessä on pienimuotoinen akustinen konsertti, jossa esitetään vain yksi biisi akustisesti. Muu levyn materiaali kun on aika hankalasti esitettävissä akustisilla kitaroilla :).

We want to emphazise the word “little” in the phrase “a little acoustic moment”. It will be one song only. The other songs on the album aren’t so easy to be handled by acoustic guitars :). But we suppose all of the songs on the new album can be heard @ Record Shop X – not live, though :).

P.S. Here’s a bunch of photos. The oldest ones must be taken in 1996 and the newest ones are our promo shots from January 2009. Enjoy!

[nggallery id=8]

"Children of the Dark Waters" Out Now!

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Ladies and gentlemen,

The day has come. “Children of the Dark Waters”, the sixth album by Eternal Tears of Sorrow is finally out in Europe!

Excluding Finland, though, the album is going to be released next Wednesday here…

Facebook & Reviews!

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Hello there!

Just to remind you we’ve got an official Facebook page… Join it if you want.

Reviews in English:

Reviews in Finnish:

Reviews in German:

Reviews in French:

Reviews in Spanish:

Reviews in Dutch:

Reviews in Italian:

Reviews in Hungarian:

To read the non-English reviews in English or another language, use Google Translate

CotDW Music Samples!

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Go to Amazon UK and you’ll see some samples…

New Guitarist, Mika Lammassaari Replaces Risto Ruuth

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Eternal Tears Of Sorrow has had several setbacks during the past nine months, including the most recent setback, Risto Ruuth (guitar) leaving the band just before the mixing session. However, EToS proves that adversities can be overcome. The band announced an open search and plenty of applications arrived from Finland and abroad.  After listening to the demos and having test rehearsals, the band made their decision.

The new guitarist is Mika Lammassaari from Oulu. Mika has a “heavy hand” when it comes to playing guitar, he has quick fingers and is full energy for the live shows. He is already known from Mors Subita, an Oulu-based metal band, in which he is responsible for almost all of the band’s material.”, says Altti Veteläinen (vocals/bass).

The band’s sixth album “Children of the Dark Waters” will be released in a few weeks and a quick taster (“Tears of Autumn Rain” single) has already been released in February. Now, EToS starts rehearsing with the new guitarist to have several gigs next autumn, firm as iron.

“Children of the Dark Waters” pre-listening event is held at PSK Kaupunni restaurant, Oulu, Finland on Saturday, 9th of May. The event starts at 7 o’clock pm. Welcome!
Press photos: and

Altti Veteläinen – vocals, bass
Jarmo Kylmänen – vocals
Jarmo Puolakanaho – guitar
Mika Lammassaari – guitar
Janne Tolsa – keyboards
Juho Raappana – drums

More Information:
Suomen Musiikki, Kari Hynninen, 040 824 3915,
ProPromotion Oy, Taija Holm, 040 748 3435,

Official Worldwide Release Dates!

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“Children of the Dark Waters” will be released:

Finland: Wednesday,  27th of May by KHY Suomen Musiikki.

Rest of Europe: Friday, 22nd of May by Massacre Records.

Asia: Wednesday, 24th of June by Marquee / Avalon.

"CotDW" T-Shirts Available Now!

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See this page for more details:

Pre-Listening Event!

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If you happen to be in Oulu, Finland on Saturday, the 9th of May, please join the pre-listening party at PSK Kaupunni.

Tervetuloa ennakkokuuntelemaan Tummien vetten lapsia lauantaina 9.5. PSK Kaupunniin Oulun keskustaan.

New Promo Photos, Release Dates Confirmed!

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[nggallery id=7]

Photos by O.W. Kinnunen. For the higher resolution photos, go to the ProPromotion’s web site.

“Children of the Dark Waters” is out in Finland on the 27th of May and in rest of Europe on the 24th of May. The exact Asian release date is still unknown to us but it will be in May as well.

Technical Announcement…

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This week, we found out our Internet service provider, RackGlobal, had gone bankrupt in late February. In the end, this was no big surprise for us.. Their billing process and customer service was practically non-existant i.e. we got our domain bills every now and then and seldom got any replies from the company.

The reason for me telling this to you is this: there may be problems in the near future with this website. We’re trying to get our domain back to ourselves in order to find another service provider and go on with it.

However, in case of a sudden shutdown of this website (which may happen due to the bankruptcy), keep in mind that we also have a MySpace page at

P.S. The latest piece of news! The album is going to be mastered next Tuesday, on the 14th of April. Seven more weeks until the album comes up!

Fifteen Years of EToS…

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The Seven Goddesses of Frost We’re not the kind of people who love to cling to the past. But this time, we’ll make an exception.

In spring 1994, we started recording a demo tape (or a promo tape, as we called it back then) called “The Seven Goddesses of Frost” that turned out to be the first official EToS demo tape. We had had several projects for a couple of years that included people that were to play in EToS in the near future.. Altti, me, O-P Törrö (1994-1999) and P. Sankala (1997-2008). The first three people were involved with the “Goddesses” tape.

The “T7GoF” demo tape was one of the most important releases by us; on the demo tape, we redefined our style to include even more influences we had in the early 90s. Even though the overall sound and production wasn’t really that good on the tape, it gave us our first radio play on the Finnish radio. Besides, due to the production on the demo tape, we wanted the next demo (“Bard’s Burial”) to be recorded in a real studio. So, next autumn we went to Tico-Tico Studio and that’s where we’ve stayed…

But when is the “official” birthday of EToS? As far as I can remember, we came up with the name on a weekend in early May of ’94. It could have been the second or the third Sunday of May ’94.. We had finished recording the vocal tracks for the demo tape and we knew we had one more thing to do before starting the mixing sessions.. A new name for the band. And that’s what we did.

But well, back to the present day and the near future.. We could say “Per aspera ad astra“, which could be translated to “through hardships to the stars”. The mixing sessions for “CotDW” are about to end today and the album will be mastered next week. The official release dates in different countries are going to vary but as a whole, it will be out between mid-May and the end of May anywhere..

P.S. Here’s something from the past: EToS Biography and the “Making of” blog for “Before the Bleeding Sun”.

Preorder the album! Tilaa levy ennakkoon!

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You can preorder the forthcoming album”Children of the Dark Waters” from Levykauppa Äx (Record Shop X).

Voit tilata levyn etukäteen Levykauppa Äxästä:

Latest News, in Finnish and in English!

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Valitettavasti joudumme ilmoittamaan, että soolokitaristimme Risto Ruuth on jättänyt tehtävänsä Eternal Tears of Sorrow’ssa. Tilanne tuli bändille täytenä yllätyksenä, eikä meillä ole tietoa päätökseen johtaneista syistä tai taustoista. Saimme Riston yksipuolisen ilmoituksen irtisanoutumisesta viikko sitten.

Kuluneen viikon aikana olemme tehneet kaikkemme löytääksemme korvaajan, jotta voisimme hoitaa sovitut keikat aiemmin laaditun aikataulun mukaisesti. Valitettavasti se on kuitenkin osoittautunut ylivoimaiseksi tehtäväksi tällä aikataululla, joten tämä tulee vaikuttamaan täten myös sovittuihin keikkoihimme.

Eternal Tears of Sorrow nousee lavalle heti, kun aukko miehistössämme on saatu paikattua. Lisäinformaatiota aiheesta tullaan julkaisemaan lähitulevaisuudessa.

Julkistamme samalla avoimeksi haun soolokitaristin tehtävään bändissämme. Etsimämme kitaristi on monipuolinen, idearikas ja luova. Ennen kaikkea hänen jalat ovat tukevasti maassa, hän on motivoitunut tehtävään ja pystyy hallitsemaan soolokitaristin tontin yhtyeessämme.

Jos olet kiinnostunut tehtävästä, lähetä vapaamuotoinen hakemus, info-paketti ja soittonäytteet audio-/videomuodossa osoitteeseen: eternaltears2009[at]

– Eternal Tears of Sorrow-


Unfortunately, we have to announce that our solo guitarist Risto Ruuth has left Eternal Tears of Sorrow. The situation came to us as a total surprise. We have no information on the reasons or the background behind his decision. We received Risto’s a unilateral declaration a week ago.

During the past week, we have done everything possible to find a replacement in time so that we could make it to do the confirmed live dates according to the previously established timetable. Unfortunately, it has proven to be an exceedingly difficult task with this schedule, and thus it will affect the confirmed live dates.

Eternal Tears of Sorrow will get on the stage as soon as the hole in the line-up has been refilled. More information on this topic will be published shortly.

At the same time, we announce  the search for solo guitarist for the band. The guitarist we’re looking for should be diverse, full of ideas and creative. Above all, his feet should be firmly on the solid ground, he should motivated to the task, and should be able to manage the role of the solo guitarist in our band.

If you are interested in this mission, send free-form application, info-packet and the call audio samples or video form, to: eternaltears2009[at]

– Eternal Tears of Sorrow-

Children of the Dark Waters

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That’s the name of the forthcoming album. See the main page of this website to see the album cover and to read further information on the album.

After these long months full of hard work and lots of incidents, it could also be called “Curse of the Dark Waters”. Well, we don’t care about those incidents but keep going strong..

The mixing session will start tomorrow and the mastering session will start just after that. We just can’t wait to hear the result of those sessions.. And we hope you can’t either.

And oh yeah.. Don’t believe some sites claiming that the album is out now or is coming out in April. It’s going to be out everytwhere in May. We’ll let you know when we get the exact release dates…

New Photo!

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EToS 2000

EToS 2009

This is the first official photo of our new line-up.

From left to right:

  • Risto Ruuth (lead guitars)
  • Janne Tolsa (keyboards)
  • Jarmo Kylmänen (clean vocals)
  • Altti Veteläinen (bass, vocals)
  • Juho Raappana (drums)
  • Jarmo Puolakanaho (guitars)

More coming soon…!

Tour Dates!

•February 24, 2009 • 7 Comments

We’ve proud to announce the first gigs this year… They’ll be done with Omnium Gatherum and Ghost Brigade.

The dates are:

  • Saturday, May 9, Lutakko, Jyväskylä.
  • Saturday, May 16, Teatria, Oulu. Doors open at 21:00, 12€ (K-18).
  • Saturday, May 23, Nosturi, Helsinki. Doors open at 21:00, 10€ (-S-/K18).

More information from:

Tears of Autumn Rain – Out Now!

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The single is out now in Finland! Here’s the lyrics:

Tears of Autumn Rain

It’s autumn night, the pale moon reveals my emptiness
And my hollow wrath and fear inside
I close my eyes to sense her nightly lust once again
But my rage and thirst won’t fade away

The nightly mist, the scent of autumn in my heart
I can hear the winter’s song again
My will of life falls away like golden leaves
I’m just a flame who dies in shades

Let me feel your pain, tears of autumn rain
Words of blood on the shore: “There is light no more”
Freezing gale of the night silenced the stream of life
Lay us down to sleep on the crimson leaves

(Music: Kylmänen, Lyrics: Puolakanaho & Veteläinen, Arr: Eternal Tears of Sorrow)

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…"

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We’re not superstitious people – well, most of us aren’t, anyway – but there seems to be a curse in the air that keeps on taking a toll on us. Nothing too serious, mostly technical stuff such as really weird-acting instrument strings that make our tuners go bezerk. But anyway, we’re still ahead of our timetables. And what’s important: the songs sound good and I mean it. But oh boy, aren’t we happy when we get this job done..

Most of the instrument tracks have been finished, excluding some guitar and bass tracks (and, obviously, most of the keyboard tracks as well). Once those have been done, it’s time to move on to the vocal tracks. We hope the recording sessions to end in about two weeks..

The Final Recording Session

•February 4, 2009 • 3 Comments

It’s been an exciting week for us. On Monday, we started the final recording session for the forthcoming album with half a dozen of brand new songs. And today, as I already mentioned in the previous post, the forthcoming single can be prelistened at MySpace.

As usually, we started recording drums, which went very smoothly and nicely. I’m sure that Juho (like the rest of us) will be excited to hear what you guys & gals think of his drum tracks. For us, they sound damn good.. Just wait and hear!

However, there seems to be some sort of a curse upon us with this album. Nothing big, nothing serious, just a series of unfortunate events and things that have occured to us. For example, I caught a nasty stomach flu last weekend, so on Monday, I just rest rested on the studio sofa waiting to feel better and played some demo guitars. But I’m ok now..

Anyway, you can already preorder the forthcoming single! (English page) (Finnish page)

New single "Tears of Autumn Rain" pre-listening at MySpace

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ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW: new single “Tears of Autumn Rain” pre-listening at MySpace

Eternal Tears of Sorrow’s new single “Tears of Autumn Rain” will be released in Finland, the 18th of February, 2009 by KHY Suomen Musiikki Oy. You can pre-listen to new single track at the band’s official MySpace site:

The second track of the single is remade version of Vilda Mánnu, which was the title song of the band’s second album, released in 1998.

The cover artwork for single was made by Travis Smith and can be previewed here: [nggallery id=5]

Tears of Autumn Rain was Recorded at Tico-Tico Studios, Note On Studios, Finnvox Studios in Finland and Space Valley Studios in Norway 2008.
Engineered by Ahti Kortelainen, Janne Tolsa, Mikko Karmila and Henning Ramseth.
Mixed at Finnvox Studios December 2008 by Mikko Karmila.
Mastered at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila.

Produced by Eternal Tears of Sorrow.
All arrangements by Eternal Tears of Sorrow.
All clean vocals and choirs produced and arranged by Jarmo Kylmänen.

Drums by Petri Sankala.
Female vocals by Miriam Renvåg (Ram-Zet) and Heidi Parviainen (Amberian Dawn).

Eternal Tears of Sorrow are:
Altti Veteläinen: vocals and bass guitar
Jarmo Kylmänen: clean vocals
Jarmo Puolakanaho: guitar
Risto Ruuth: lead guitar
Janne Tolsa: keyboards
Juho Raappana: drums

The official Eternal Tears of Sorrow websites:

KHY Suomen Musiikki Oy
Pursimiehenkatu 29 E
00150 Helsinki Finland
Tel: +358-40-824 3915


•January 9, 2009 • 15 Comments

Finally, it’s 2009!

We’ve been writing songs for the forthcoming album for more than two years now. Dozens of riffs and melodies were written, dozens of mp3 demo files and hundreds of emails were sent, dozens of weird working titles for the songs were written etc. etc.

Now, we’re at a point where over 40 minutes of music have been written. Naturally, we still need to write and rewrite a lot of lyrics, melodies, solos during the next four weeks.. But in the end, now we know what the forthcoming album is going to sound like. As a whole, it’s solid entity. Compared to material on the previous album, these new songs are darker and heavier. A bunch of nice songs that sound like us, that’s the most important thing in the end..

So, what next? We’ll start the final recording session in early February. During this session, the single will come out. The whole album will be released in April and also at that time, it’s time to celebrate our 15th anniversary. You know, this band was officially formed in April / May 1994 even though the pre-EToS projects had been around for two years. We started recording our first demo tape (or promo tape) in April ’94 and during these recording sessions, we found out that we need a new name. So, in May, we had a new name for the band “Eternal Tears of Sorrow” as well as a brand new demo tape.

Oh yeah, and we’ll start doing live shows in May. For various reasons, we couldn’t do so many gigs in 2006 and 2007 but now we’re trying to do more of them.


•December 8, 2008 • 7 Comments

Petri Sankala (drums) has left the band. The reason for this mutual decision is Petri’s back pain that hasn’t allowed him to play drums 100% during the past two years. None of us has bad feelings whatsoever and we wish Petri all the best!

We’d like to introduce the replacement, Mr. Juho Raappana. In the past, Juho has played in many local bands such as Impish, Catamenia and Mythos. Having Gene Hoglan and Sean Reinert as his biggest influences, we think Juho is the best possible man to take the job. After all, fifteen years ago when we started, Death and Cynic influenced us.

So, the new EToS lineup is:

Altti Veteläinen: growling vocals, bass
Jarmo Kylmänen: clean vocals
Jarmo Puolakanaho: guitars
Risto Ruuth: lead guitars
Janne Tolsa: keyboards
Juho Raappana: drums

P.S. Our forthcoming single was mixed last weekend. It will contain one new song and a brand new version of an old song. The single will be out in February and the album in April.

The Single Has Been Recorded…

•November 28, 2008 • 5 Comments

…And now we’re waiting it to be mixed and mastered.

The name of the single will be revealed later as well as the names of the songs on it. Let’s just say we haven’t recorded any cover songs this year and probably won’t be recording any of those next year, either.

The album still doesn’t have a name, though, not even a working title. I suppose we need to write more lyrics to fetch the title.

More news coming up in the near future…!

P.S. Take a look at the photos (shot by me), as they show Altti and Jarmo K in action.

Latest Pieces of News!

•October 15, 2008 • 6 Comments

For the first time, Eternal Tears of Sorrow has six members. We welcome Mr. Jarmo Kylmänen to join our forces. Jarmo K has been our “sixth member” since late 2005, helping us with songs, melodies and his voice on ‘Before the Bleeding Sun’ and all the gigs after our comeback. Cheers, it’s about time!

Our sixth album will be out in April 2009 by Suomen Musiikki in Finland, Massacre Records in other European countries and Marquee/Avalon in Asia.

The first chance to hear our new material will be Finnish Metal Expo in Helsinki in February 2009. This will be the release date of the forthcoming single as well. And don’t forget – we’ll finally enter the music video era, so stay tuned, folks!

Minor Changes in Our Timetables, part 2..

•September 2, 2008 • 2 Comments

The interesting offer has been postponed ’til next summer – we really, really hope that it will happen then!

P.S. Don’t worry, this won’t affect the timetables related to the album! It’s still coming out in about six or seven months!

Minor Changes in Our Timetables…

•August 22, 2008 • 2 Comments

Due to a very interesting offer, we have made some minor alterations in our future plans, just in case. The final “main” recording session was moved from January to February, which unfortunately may mean the release date of the forthcoming album is going to be delayed for a month as well.

But don’t worry, folks, the album is still on its way! 🙂

Back in Business…

•August 11, 2008 • 2 Comments

Recording an album is really an interesting process. You can record everything at once, which in our case would take several weeks. So now, after recording many albums in one session, we’ve started to prefer a completely different way of recording an album. It’s fine for us to record the album in several sessions, piece by piece, step by step.

So, the latest piece of news is: we’ve recorded most of the tracks for the first half of the sixth album. Well, in this case “the first half” does not mean “the first five songs on the albums” but more like “about 50% of the songs to be appear on the album”. The rest of the tracks for these songs will be recorded by October, we hope. And the rest of the songs will be recorded in January and February.

Meanwhile, we’re busy writing the rest of the songs. For me, that’s the most interesting part of the whole song-writing process. It’s always an exciting process of exploration and discovery, it’s like going deep into your darkest parts of your mind and trying to dig for some gold. So, the forthcoming months are going to be veeeery interesting.

The First Recording Session Is Over…

•June 17, 2008 • 11 Comments

Tired but happy, that’s what we are. The first recording session is over and the basic tracks have been laid down for several songs. Now, it’s time to catch some breath and after a while, the intensive song-writing process starts again.

Have a great summer, guys and gals, we’ll return in early August when the next recording session takes place!

Into the Analogue World…

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It’s funny that after all these years, the best sound still comes out of the analogue amps. Yeah, the digital ones are not bad but just… Well, check out the photos.

FAQ – The Forthcoming Album

•June 10, 2008 • 3 Comments

The album:

  • …doesn’t have a name yet.
  • …will be recorded between June and January at Tico-Tico and Note-On Studios.

It will be released in March 2009:

And So It Begins…

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And so It has started. Eternal Tears of Sorrow are back in the studio. This is the first of the many studio sessions that are going to take place between June and February but in no way this is the least important one. During this session, we’re going to record five sounds out of which three or four are going to end up on the sixth, still unnamed album.

More to come, this is just a mere beginning…

New Record Deal!

•May 9, 2008 • 3 Comments

Eternal Tears of Sorrow – New Record Deal!

Finnish melodic death metal band Eternal Tears of Sorrow has signed a new recording deal with KHY Suomen Musiikki Oy, a Finnish label. At the moment, the band is doing pre-production for their sixth album that will be released in March 2009. As with the previous five albums, the album will be recorded at Tico-Tico Studio in Kemi, Finland.

During their fourteen-year-long career, the band has cemented their reputation as one of the finest metal acts, which has already opened doors for the band; it’s still almost a year before the album is going to be released, and it has already been licenced to Massacre Records (who will be release the album in Europe excluding Finland) and Marquee/Avalon (who is going to release the album in Asia).

Eternal Tears of Sorrow’lle uusi sopimus

Melodista deathmetallia esittävä Eternal Tears of Sorrow on allekirjoittanut sopimuksen KHY Suomen Musiikki Oy:n kanssa. Yhtye tekee parhaillaan esituotantoa kuudennelle albumilleen joka julkaistaan maaliskuussa 2009. Yhtye levyttää jälleen Kemissä Tico Tico -studiolla Ahti Kortelaisen kera.

Bändin kovasta maineesta kertoo se että jo nyt, liki vuosi ennen julkaisua, olemme tehneet Euroopan sopimuksen Massacre Recordsin kanssa ja Japanin ja Aasian sopimuksen Marquee/Avalonin kanssa.